Reimagining Community: Spirit of Paimio 2024

Reimagining Community: Spirit of Paimio 2024
Reimagining Community: Spirit of Paimio 2024

Join us in Paimio to attend the second annual Spirit of Paimio Conference, to be held at the Paimio Sanatorium October 9-10.

This year's gathering promises two days of exploration and dialogue under the theme of Reimagining Community. At the heart of our conference lies the visionary legacy of Alvar and Aino Aalto, whose groundbreaking work at the Paimio Sanatorium continues to inspire architects, designers and thinkers worldwide. This year, we delve deeper into their ethos of empathy, community, and scientific inquiry to contemplate how it can shape and enrich our modern societies.

Curated by Joseph Grima of Space Caviar and Mirkku Kullberg, CEO of the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation, the program will consist of keynotes by some of the world’s leading profiles within architecture, design and science, followed by talks, workshops and round-table discussions.  

This year’s theme, Reimagining Community, invites us to investigate the transformative power of togetherness. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, global threats and social change, how can we cultivate deeper connections and foster inclusive, sustainable communities? Anchored by the iconic sanatorium, Spirit of Paimio serves as an arena for exploring the future of architecture, cities, societies, and wellbeing.

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